Bert’s Pro-Tips & Notes

I LOVE building decks, when I’m outside I’m loving life…that’s not to say i don’t enjoy interior woodworking, but when I’m outside on a sunny day building decks is when I’m in my happy place.

Natural wood decks are absolutely gorgeous, with the natural imperfections that are inherent with the material, and then clear weather treatments, such as natural oils, and clear stains that showcase the work can make the project truly extravagant.

I specialize in something called Alaskan Yellow Cedar which is a native of our locale, as well as originating from Alaska. It possesses a beautiful color whether finished or stained, and due to its high natural oil content holds up nicely in our wet climate. You can even leave it untreated for an amazing weathered patina.

Treated fir is always a go-to for our Pacific Northwest Decks, and when I create a deck using this substrate I understand the importance of selecting high quality deck boards, beams and joists. 

I also get to build decks using some incredible exotic materials, sourced from all over the world sometimes an Amazonian or African hardwood can stand up to the extreme climate in our location even better than the low-maintenance options, and they look so amazing to boot.